Keeping your piano in tune, well regulated and in good repair are necessary elements to insure you get the most enjoyment from your piano.  But there are other important elements to owning or acquiring a piano.  Perhaps you need assistance in purchasing, insuring or selling a piano.  The services below help to make and secure a your investment.


Humidity Control Systems

I don't have to tell you that it is very humid in Florida.  You know what humidity does to wood and metal.  For pianos that translates to sticking keys, slower action, rust on strings, and warpage. Protect your investment by having a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System installed in your piano.  Not only will this system protect your piano from humidity damage, it will help keep it stable so the tunings and regulations will hold longer.


If you would like more information you can visit the Dampp-Chaser website or contact me and I can send you some brochures.


Purchase Consulting

Before you go running out to buy that piano on Craigslist, do yourself a huge favor and ask me for a consultation.  You don't want to spend money to buy and move a piano only to find out that it has a damaged pinblock and can't be tuned, or the other things are in such bad shape that it will cost yet more money to get it playing well.  I will come out with you and go over the piano to make sure you are getting your money's worth and that there are no hidden suprises to take care of once it's yours.



After having your piano tuned, I can suggest repairs or adjustments that I feel would improve the experience of playing your piano to suit your needs.



Don't forget to ask your insurance company if you need a rider in order to cover your piano.  It is important to have a written appraisal incase your piano gets damaged by movers or while in storage.  A written appraisal is also a good starting point when negotiating a price when selling your instrument.



I don't move pianos, but I highly recommend Precision Moving 813-554-3288 to move you piano locally and Walter Piano Transport to move your piano anywhere more than 200 miles 866-885-9617.

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