Equal temperament for modern pianos.  Tuned to A440 (standard modern pitch) with pitch raising or lowering, if necessary (unless your piano's condition will not allow it).


Historical Temperaments set to A423, A415 or to your required pitch.  Young, Valotti, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, or others upon request.


Harpsichords, Virginals, Clavichords and Fortepianos, portative organs, and square pianos.



Depending on the climate changes where you live your piano may have to be tuned every change of season.  In general, you should have your piano tuned every six months if it gets played often, and a minimum of once a year - even if it sits there just looking pretty.


Your piano may sound in tune, but it may have slipped down from where it should be.  All the strings go flat or sharp together due to the stretching or shrinking of the wood.  Your piano was engineered to be tuned to a certain pitch.  Tuning will set the piano at that pitch, where it will sound and play its best.

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