Operating in the Tampa Bay area since 2011, we’ve been taking care of pianos in your homes, schools, churches, cruise ships, and concert halls. Douglas Laing is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild.

Fazioli Client

“The brilliant Douglas Laing  just left, restoring the piano to technical perfection one year, one flood and two moves since he saw it last. “

Yamaha YUA Upright Client

“I received the tuning service from Mr. Laing for the first time today. He spent the longest time for my piano, comparing to the technicians I had met in the past. My piano is not the most expensive kind, but it sounds much better now thanks to his service. I would recommend him to anyone who cares about his/her piano.”

Large Upright Client

The best. My piano had sticky keys and a sluggish action and the first four (4) St. Pete piano techs lubricated the keys and action, and that was it. Each tech examined the keys, no tech examined the action. Each time the keys began sticking again. I consulted the internet. A prime cause of sticky keys is tight action pins. I discussed it with Magnum Opus over the phone. Doug suggested it might be the whippen pins. I took out the action for one key myself, and the whippen pin was way too tight. Doug repinned the piano and it’s fixed at last.”